Finca Ponderosa
7 Bedrooms & 7 Baths in 8000 sq ft on 5+ acres for $497K

Finca Ponderosa is being sold at less than replacement cost, so take advantage while you can . . . .

Ponderosa is a 7 Apartment Facility with 7424.4 square feet under roof and is situated at an elevation
of 960 meters or 3,150 feet above sea level which provides a very "even" year 'round temperature, so
no Heating or Air Conditioning is required

Finca Ponderosa is located on a 5+ acre parcel of land in the north central valley of Costa Rica about
2 hours from Juan Santa Maria Airport at Alajuela

Each of the 7 Apartments is 6 x 6 meters (36m2 or 387ft2) in size, and has a complete bathroom with Toilet, Lavatory and Shower

Each Apartment can accommodate 3 Queen Beds with plenty of circulation space and no crowding

The compound structure has a open area that has 162m2 (1740ft2) of space suitable to be used as
a covered and protected indoor garden for your fruit and vegetable staple items, without the risk of
bird or burrowing animal damage

Likewise, the Mezzanine level of the compound structure has 54m2 (580ft2) of space suitable for use
as an indoor garden (in addition to current use as our laundry drying area)

Ponderosa has it's own water supply of approximately 55 GPM capacity from a natural subterranean aquifer on adjacent property

There is an adjacent 3 hectares (7.41 acre) parcel available, and suitable for grazing of cattle, goats or other animals

There is sufficient flat land area immediately next to the building for a solar farm of photovoltaic panels

There is a year round river with sufficient flow and head for hydro power generation

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